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Filter Runway


Filter Runway 

This will cover how you can filter the charts so you only see charts that are related to the runway you are arriving to or departing from. 

We estimate that this will take 3 minutes to complete.

Detailed Explanation 

Chart Filtering by RWY

After enabling the corresponding App Setting you will be able to filter charts based on the runway heading that you select when choosing/creating your route. This will allow you to only select the charts that are related to the runway you are departing from or arriving to.
You will still be able to select all the runways should you wish to.

 When a chart preference (specific choice of charts, configured by the EFB Admin, for a specific combination of FROM AD, TO AD and runways) rule is triggered, the RWY Filter is applied on top of it. It means that, for example, if a chart preference (LFBO / RWY14L / LFPG) calls for a chart specifically related to runway 32R, then this specific chart will be filtered out by RWY Filter.

Interaction 1 Click the EGKK / LGW button.

You can see that runway 26L has already been selected at Gatwick. Let's have a look at the charts.

Interaction 1 Click .

Interaction 1 Click the APPR menu item.

 You can see your runway selection here.

You can see the yellow dots located on the chart assignment tiles, this will indicate that only those two tiles will be impacted by current RWY filter, AD, USER1 and USER2 tiles are left unfiltered.

We can see here that only three charts are related to the approach at Gatwick for the runway that we selected, RWY 26L. It will not show any of the other runways unless we change the RWY choice. Let's have a look at changing the runway.

Interaction 1 Click .

You can see the list of all the available runways that you can select for Gatwick. 

Interaction 1 Click 08L.

Interaction 1 Click the APPR menu item.

You can see that the chart selection has changed to represent only two charts related to the new choice of runway, 08L.

Interaction 2 Click .

Interaction 3 Click ALL.

  Changing the runway will change the runway decision that was made when creating the route back on the enroute screen. 

Selecting All runways will bring up all the approaches and for all the runways at Gatwick. 


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