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Consulting and Viewing Terminal Charts

1       Introduction 

Consulting and Viewing Terminal Charts 

This section describes how to view charts in the chart screen 

We estimate that this will take 2 minutes to complete.

2       Detailed Explanation 

Viewing Terminal Charts

We will now go through the terminal charts. In this topic we will cover how you can view the charts in the chart screen. The charts screen will display charts and any supporting information for the specific aerodrome entered in the route toolbar.


Let's start by looking at how we can get access and view the charts.

One way you can view your charts is by clicking on the menu button.

Interaction 2Interaction 1

Interaction 1 Click the Menu button.

You can now select either your TO, FROM or ALTN aerodrome from the list to access a chart. Let's have a look at our FROM aerodrome LFBO chart.

Interaction 2 Click the LFBO/TLS menu item.

You are now in the terminal charts section for LFBO. Let's go back to the enroute screen to have a look at another way you can access the charts.

Interaction 2Interaction 1

Interaction 1 Click the Menu button.

Interaction 2 Click the Enroute menu item.

Interaction 1

Interaction 1 Click the Route button.

A route has already been entered in for this example. Let's have a look at LFBO again.

Interaction 2Interaction 1

Interaction 1 Click the FROM button.

Interaction 2 Click the Aircraft Icon button.

The aircraft icon is one way you can see what you are viewing:

 Departure aerodrome (FROM)

 Arrival aerodrome (TO)

 Alternate aerodrome (ALTN)

You are now back in the charts screen. Let's now have a look at the chart viewer in more detail.


Charts screens feature a chart viewer, this is a tile ribbon with five tiles where your charts can be assigned for quick access. Grey tiles indicate the chart category and title of the chart currently displayed in the terminal chart screen. In this example it is AD chart that is displayed. To assign a tile, see assign a chart to ARPT, SID, STAR, APPR or USER Tile.


The top of the chart is a status bar that displays information on the chart you are viewing. The status bar displays the aerodrome's four letter ICAO and three letter IATA code (LFBO/TLS), the category of the chart (ARPT), its title (10-1 AERODROME), the WEF date (WEF 13 SEP 18 if available) and the date of the chart (15 AUG 18). The status bar is always visible regardless of the zoom level

Displayed charts may include an explicit "With Effectivity From " date (WEF).  If a chart does not have a WEF date, the charts are available to view on Monday 00:00UTC of its revision week.

The charts toolbar. This is explained in a separate topic.


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