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Charts+ Windows requirements and Installation instructions

1       Introduction 

Charts+ Windows requirements and Installation instructions 

This topic will cover how to install Charts+ Windows on your system and the minimum requirements that you will need to run the application. 

We estimate that this will take 3 minutes to complete.

Minimum requirements 

The minimum requirements that are needed to run Charts+ Windows application.

        Resolution 1024 x 768

        Memory 2 GB

        Processor: Intel Core i3 330M

        Grahical card (dedicated or integrated) supporting Open GL 2.0 or more

        HDD: 32 GB. 10 GB space free for Charts+

Detailed Explanation

Let's have a look at how you can install Charts+ Windows. You will first need to locate the file once located you will be able to open the Charts+ Windows installation file by simply double clicking on the folder. 

Interaction 1 Double-click: File name.

Interaction 1 Click the I agree to the terms and conditions check box.

Before the installation begins, we recommend you read through the license terms and conditions. Once this has been read through you can check the "I agree with the license and conditions" checkbox. 

Interaction 1 Click Install.

Interaction 1 Click the Next  button.

This section will allow you to select the Charts+ Windows mode that you want to install. If you are unsure contact your NAVBLUE account manager or support to find out which version to install. In this demonstration  the first bullet point will be checked.

We will now have a look at how to install from with the device either "Aircraft attached" or "Pilot attached

Interaction 1 Click the LPC-NG Mode: For EFB devices with connectivity to read aircraft data through Airbus Flysmart LPC-NG. radio button.

Interaction 1 Click the Next  button.

Interaction 1 Click the Next  button.

This parameter is to be able, in LPC-NG mode, to read aircraft parameter (such as position,....) via xABDC. The listen departure parameter is not used in Charts+ Windows

Interaction 1 Click the Next  button.

Enter your subscription in here. If you have any difficulty discuss with your Account Manager.

Interaction 1 Click the Next  button.

 Selecting the tick box will Integrate with xABDC reading aircraft data.

The following message will show once the Setup is Complete.

Charts+ iOS application installation 

The NAVBLUE Charts+ iOS application may be distributed by an enterprise mobile device management system or downloaded from the Apple App Store (application name NAVBLUE Charts+).

Contact your system administrator to determine the location and security requirements of the App Store or installation web page.

 To install NAVBLUE Charts+ iOS:

  • Locate and install the NAVBLUE Charts+ iOS app. Installation may take several minutes depending on your Internet connection.
  • Open the NAVBLUE Charts+ iOS application once installation is complete.

Once installation is completed the Charts+ icon will be located on your desktop or iPad.
 From there you will now be able to open the application and you will be taken to the following screen.

Interaction 1 Please click Next to continue.

    Notice how enroute data is not available, this is perfectly normal for a first installation. Let's go to the settings to get some data.  

Interaction 1 Click the Menu button.

Interaction 1 Click the Settings button.

Interaction 1 Click the User/Subscription Info dropdown button.

Once you have access to the User/Subscription Info you will be given the following details by your account manager that you will need to fill out. 

Your device name can be found in your iPad Settings >General > About.
 Once all the information has been inserted you can then select Register. A confirmation message is displayed when registration is complete. 

The application status icon located at the top right hand corner of the enroute screen identifies the status of the data on the application. Underneath the application status icon, the version of the application is indicated (i.e."V 19.1.1").

 You can see that since you have updated the user/subscriptions information you have a package that needs to be downloaded (this can take up to 30 seconds to appear), you can go ahead and tap the application status icon to access the available updates.

The application status icon can vary, the following will explain what each one is:

White database symbol: No data on the device. Green database symbol: Data on the device (enroute and/or charts & NAVBLUE guide information) is up-to-date. Red database symbol: Data on the device (enroute and/or charts & NAVBLUE guide information) is not up-to-date.

 This is the number of available packages to download. The number will be positioned in the top right of the application status icon (whatever the color of the icon).

You can see that you have one package to download. This is perfectly normal for a first time installation. Clicking on the download button will start to download the package.

Interaction 1 Click the Download button.

  If you change the username, device name, server name, subscription or company name you will need to download a new provisioning package as the existing data will be wiped during the migration process.

 Number of packages available to download

    The first package might be a large file size so please be patient when downloading it as it may take some time to download.  

Once the download begins a download status indicator will be shown. You will be able to pause resume and cancel the download. Do not quit the application until the download is complete. Once the download is complete the application will automatically restart.

  An update interrupted by Internet connection problems will resume automatically when you reconnect, provided the application has not been closed using the upward swipe. You cannot use Charts+ while the package is being downloaded and deployed.

  If your airline is using an ID provider, you will be prompted to identify in an embedded window (using OAuth Interface).  Once logged in, you will be able to download any data until the token validity expires. Then you will be promoted to identify again.

After application restart, the application enters in maintenance mode. The application in not usable during this time. See Administration to avoid unnecessary delay during this step. 


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