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Enroute map search


Enroute map search 

This will teach you how to search for aerodromes, waypoints, navaids, airways, holding areas and airspaces. 

We estimate that this will take 2 minutes to complete.

Detailed Explanation 

Searching within the Enroute Map

You can search within the Enroute map for features like Aerodromes (AD), Waypoints/Navaids (WPT/NAV), Airways (AWY), Holding Areas (HLDG), Special Use Airspace (SUA) and Flight Information Regions (FIR).

 We shall now have a look how you can search for the waypoint VESAN.

The search Icon and the search field, where you can enter a feature you wish to search for.

Interaction 1 Click Search Icon.

Once the search icon has been clicked the search feature will pop up enabling you input your search feature.  

You can either select the data layer to search in: AD, WPT/NAV, AWY, FIR or ALL or choosing ALL will match the search criteria in all previously listed data layers as well as HLDG and SUA results. In this example you can leave the data layer to ALL. 

Interaction 1 Enter VESAN into the Search field.

    Search is performed in both AIRSPACE levels.

  Search results are returned based on all search criteria entered. If you are searching for AWY Q814, you will need to enter Q first. You will not see any results if you enter 814. 

You can see the results shown below the search field. Currently you can see two results available for the feature we searched. As you searched for VESAN waypoint then it will be the first one you will select. You can also tap the text beside the button to view more information on the feature.

    Search results are returned as you enter the second letter/number of your search criteria. 

The title bar lets you filter the results per feature. The number besides a feature shows you how many results are returned for each feature. In your example you can clearly see that we have one return for WPT/NAV and two for ALL.

Interaction 1 Click the WPT button.

 The map has now moved directly to the feature VESAN and information has also been provided on the feature. The feature has turned orange and information related to the search feature is in white. 

Let's now search for an aerodrome using the same process. 

Interaction 1 Click Search Icon.

Interaction 2 Enter EGKK into the Search field.

Interaction 1 Click the Search string input field.

Interaction 1 Enter EGKK into the search field.

Interaction 1 Click the AD button.

You can see that the map has centered the selected aerodrome and highlighted some important information relating to the aerodrome.

    If the following features are turned off, the search function will still search for your feature and automatically turn on the layer. 


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