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Adjust a charts screen


Adjust a charts screen 

This will cover how you can zoom in and out of the chart. 

We estimate that this will take 1 minute to complete.

Detailed Explanation 

Zoom and Pan

You can adjust any chart screen selected (FROM, TO, ALTN) tile assignments and chart viewing options (zoom levels, rotation) are saved until you reset them. You can reset all the charts, tile assignments, and options by selecting a new departure aerodrome in the enroute workspace or by closing and restarting Charts+ and following the prompts to reset. This means if you have zoomed in on a chart and close the application or move to another workspace that chart will still be at the zoomed location when you return to the chart. You can also zoom on a chart region and lock the location using the Charts Toolbar. If you lock the location, you cannot reposition the chart until you unlock it.

Changing the alternate or arrival aerodromes does not reset Charts+

Pan: If the chart is enlarged (Zoom) you can click and drag the chart into position to center it.

Zoom: Either using the scroll on your mouse to zoom in and out or if you are in tablet mode pinch your fingers together to zoom in or apart to zoom out on the map or chart.

    In Gesture Mode Multi Touch (i.e. for touch screen enabled tablet devices thatallow multiple finger input, see chapter EfbConfiguration.xml), no zoom toolbar will be shown. Use the pinch-to-zoom gesture on multi-touch enabled devices for Charts+ version 15.1 or later.
 In Gesture Mode “None” (i.e. for devices that do not support touch input, see chapter EfbConfiguration.xml), use the zoom toolbar at the left of the screen. Tap the + or - to enlarge or shrink the map in increments. Alternatively, your mouse’s scroll wheel can be used to zoom in and out.


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