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Virus Scan Exception


Virus Scan Exception 

This topic will cover a recommendation in creating exception rules when deploying a package. 

We estimate that this will take 3 minutes to complete.

Detailed Explanation 


During a package deployment a large number of files are moved and having a virus scan will increase the time of package installation. Navblue recommends creating exception rule for some repository and type of file in the following directories.

The actual directory names vary based on the version of the application. The application directory is also different for 32-bit operating system or a 64-bit operating system.

  • ProgramData - after the compressed packages have been expanded in the "PackageDir" this is the directory where the data from the packages will be stored.
    This directory is specified in the eCharts.Settings.ini file, but should not really be changed, since the directories are initialized by the Marshal when the application is initially installed.

  • ProgramFiles - this is the directory where the charts+ application will be installed. This directory is defined inside the charts+ installer and applications. This directory cannot be modified. This directory is different on a 64-bit version of Windows compare to a 32-bit version.

  • PackageDir - This is a directory located directly under the "ProgramFiles(x86) directory. Packages that are downloaded from the NCDIS server are placed in this directory.

    During 'Maintenance Mode', the contents of the packages are expanded into a subdirectory of the 'PackageDir' before they are copied to the 'ProgramData' directory.

    The downloaded package, and the subdirectory containing the expanded files will be deleted from the 'PackageDir' after 'Maintenance Mode' has finished. Some packages may be deleted during 'Maintenance Mode' if there were multiple packages downloaded.

  • TempDir - This is the Operating System (O/S) specified temporary directory. This directory is used during "Maintenance Mode" when Terminal Chart revisions are being merged/purged.

Actual Directories



C:\ProgramData\Navtech\Navtech Charts 



C:\Program Files\ Navtech\Navtech Charts

32-bit O/S 


C:\Program Files\Navtech\Navtech Charts\Packages 

32-bit O/S 


C:\Program Files (x86)\Navtech\Navtech Charts 

64-bit O/S 


C:\Program Files (x86)\Navtech\Navtech Charts\Packages 

64-bit O/S 


File Extensions

  • *.pdf
  • *.pdf.toc

     These file extensions are used for 'Customer Data'. These files are initially placed in the 'PackageDir' directory and will be copied to the 'ProgramData' directory During 'Maintenance Mode'. 
  • *.pc1
  • *.dc1
  • *.xml

     These file extensions are for the 'Terminal Chart Data'. These files are initially placed in the 'PackageDir' directory and will be copied to the 'ProgramData' directory During 'Maintenance Mode'.  These files may also be copied to and from the 'TempDir'. These files are only read by the application. the may only be modified during 'Maintenance Mode'.
  • *.sqlite
  • *.dbf
  • *.prj
  • *.rsi
  • *.shp
  • *.shx
  • *.dat
  • *.idx

    These file extensions are for the 'Enroute Data'. These files are initially placed in the 'PackageDir' directory and will be copied to the 'ProgramData' directory During 'Maintenance Mode'.

    The *.sqlite may be seen in some 16-1 packages for the 16-1 application but is standard for the 18-1 version of the application. Additionally, the other file extensions are necessary for the 16-1 version of the application but may occasionally be seen in some of the packages for the 18-1 version.

     It is possible that some files with the *.rsi extension may not be available in the 'PackageDir'.  These files may be created by the Charts+ Application after the client has exited 'Maintenance Mode'.  These missing files will only be created once.


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