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Charts Toolbar, Print and Sketch and Annotate Charts


Charts Toolbar, Print and Sketch and Annotate Charts 

This topic will go through the toolbar allowing you to toggle between day and night mode, print, sketch and add charts to your clipboard. 

We estimate that this will take 3 minutes to complete.

Detailed Explanation 


The marker button opens the sketch toolbar that allows you make sketches and annotations on a chart.

The rotate button will allow you to rotate the page 90 degrees to the right.


 The lock button allows you to lock the current view of a chart or document. When locked, the lock icon turns blue and the rotate icon is disabled along with zoom and pan functionality. Tap the lock button a second time to release the current view.

The paperclip button allows you to add the charts to a clipboard for quick access. When selected, the icon turns blue and the plus turns to a minus. The paperclip button is unavailable for non-chart PDFs. See Clipboard and Bookmarks for more

The Day and night mode is located within the Menu button and can be accessed anytime.

This means that you are currently in Day mode and tapping/clicking the button will change it to Night mode.

 This means that you are currently in Night mode and tapping/clicking the button will change it to Day mode.

  1. Sketch and Annotate 

Let's have a look at the annotation tool in more detail.

Interaction 1 Click .

 The sketch and annotation tool will enable you to highlight text, sketch on the chart to highlight particular points and to create notes anywhere on the chart.

 Selecting the highlight text will allow you to hight text on the chart in yellow. Using your mouse or finger you can drag along the text to highlight it.

 Selecting the sketch button will allow you to use your finger or mouse to draw on the chart. You can choose the width of the line.

 The undo will remove any sketch or annotation, however, it will not remove the note that is on the chart as this has to be by wither clicking the X on the note or deleting all annotation and sketch. 

    You can add sketches and notes to a chart when viewing a chart from either the chart viewer or the clipboard. Sketches and notes are saved and are available if you switch from the chart viewer to clipboard or from the clipboard to chart viewer.

 The annotate button allows you to write a note and place it on the chart. You can select the location of the note simply by clicking on the chart where you would like the note to go. You will be able to edit the note or delete.



Your iOS device will present you with a different look for the annotation display. You will be able to move the note simply by holding your finger down on the note and drag and drop. You will be able to edit the note or simply delete it.

The pallet tool will give you the option to change the color of the highlights only.

 The delete will remove all sketch and annotation that has been made on the chart including any notes.

 The print button will enable you to send a document that you wish to print to a printer that is connected to your device.

  The print button will not be visible if you have not turned on the "Show Print Button" located in the settings.

You can also print all documents and charts that you have assigned to your clipboard. You can see here that we have three charts related to LFPG and one document related to abbreviations.

Interaction 1 Click Print.

Interaction 1 Click the Yes button.

Before you can print you need to make sure that you have a printer connected to your device so you can print charts or documents. The chart/document is printed in day mode and scaled to print full page using the printer default settings.
To change any of the printer properties click the properties button.
 You can select the number pf copies you want to print by using the + and - buttons. 


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