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NFP Connection


NFP Connection 

This topic will cover the loading of a flight from NAVBLUE Flight Planning System. 

We estimate that this will take 2 minutes to complete.

Detailed Explanation 

Connection to NFP 

Charts+ will be able to integrate with NAVBLUE's N-Flight Planning, this way routes that have been set up in NFP will be able to be loaded into Charts+.

To allow NFP Route loading, you need to first enter your FROM aerodrome (for instance LFPG) and your TO aerodrome (for instance KJFK) in corresponding tiles.

In the Route Ribbon, click on Flight > Load > From Flight Planning System to access the interface that will help us to retrieve the flight plan data.

You can filter by airline code ("CZB" in our example) in the first white box of the commercial flight number. The second white box allows to filter by flight number.

You can also filter by scheduled date and time of departure.

When everything is ready you can click on Search.

You can see two flight plans for LFPG > KJFK have been retrieved from N-FP. The difference between them is the time of departure.
You will be able to select the one you are looking for.

An overview of the flight plan's details will be displayed on a second page. Clicking on RTE will load and display the route on the enroute globe. All the relevant information
 like the flight number, complete validated route and alternate aerodromes will be accessible in the route ribbon.


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