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Launch Charts+ iOS from another application


Launch Charts+ iOS from another application 

This topic will cover how you can launch charts+ iOS from another application. 

We estimate that this will take 3 minutes to complete.

Detailed Explanation 

Launching Charts+ iOS from another application 

Charts+ iOS can be called from within another customized application with or without parameters defining the route.

For a URI-based launch of Charts+ 19.1 – please use this address:

For a URI-based launch of Charts+ iOS including route parameters, please use the format below:

aeronavblueroute://foo? commercialflightnumber=AB1234&from=ESSA&to=LGSA&alt1=LGKO&alt2=EDDF& alt3=EDDH&alt4=EDDM&SID=DVR2P&STAR=ABLONIC1 &route=NOSLI4G%20NOSLI%20N850%20TONSA%20L87%20MOVIS%20N133%20POLON%20Z169%20BABKO%20UM66%20DEMOP%20DCT%20PARAK%20DCT%20RAXAD%20UL617%20SKP%20UM749%20ATV%20UP169%20MANOK%20MANOK2G

commercialflightnumber  commercial flight number (airline IATA code + number of flight)

callsign aircraft call sign with a maximum width of 7 characters

from                            departure aerodrome (ICAO)

to                                 arrival aerodrome (ICAO)

alt1                               first alternate (ICAO)

alt2                               2nd alternate (ICAO)

alt3                               3rd alternate (ICAO)

alt4                               4th alternate (ICAO)

alt5                               5th alternate (ICAO)

alt6                               6th alternate (ICAO)

SID                               name of SID as per ATC flight plan

STAR                            name of STAR as per ATC flight plan

Route                           Route string as per ATC flight plan including or excluding the SID and STAR. Please note that <blank> spaces separating route elements (WPT, AWY) in the route need to be separated by a <%20> element indicating a <blank>

Launching Charts+ iOS from another application 

At a minimum, the “From” and “to” aerodrome need to be defined to pass a valid route using the aeronavblueroute://foo? syntax.

At Charts+ 19.1 standard, the URI function is approved for up to 6 ALTN ADs

A popup will warn the pilot when Charts+ is opened through this method to avoid undesired launch. This popup will appear if the previous route contains a different departure aerodrome than the launch route

 For further information regarding integration of 3rd party applications with Charts+ iOS, please contact NAVBLUE Support.


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