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Layer toolbar


Layer toolbar 

This topic will cover the layer toolbar and its features. 

We estimate that this will take 1 minute to complete.

Detailed Explanation 

Layer Toolbar

Let's have a look at the layer toolbar. The layer toolbar is on the left hand side of the application in portrait and also in landscape mode. The toolbar allows you to control map details by turning on and off layers. This can be useful to help prevent clutter on the map and increase performance.

    Navaids layer has been integrated inside WPT layer. Hence, enabling WPT layer will display waypoints and navaids present in this area.

You can see here the layer toolbar with all the different layers that can be turned on/off.

Currently, at this zoom level, there are three layers AD (aerodrome), COM Area (communication area) and FIR (Flight Information Region) that can be made visible, all other areas are not visible (greyed out) at this zoom level. Let's zoom in and have a look at turning on some of these layers.

Interaction 1 Click the AD button.

You can see that turning on the AD layer will show all the aerodromes. Let's have a look at turning on other layers.

Interaction 2 Click the COM Area button.

Interaction 1 Click the AWY HI button.

You can now see the three layers AD, COM Area and AWY HI that you have turned on visible on the enroute map.

The layers button has three different states:

Cyan text with a cyan text and a gray background indicates that the layer is on. White text with a black background indicates that the layer is turned OFF but can be re-enabled if you tap the tile again. The button will assume this state when the map zoom is within the zoom level for a map element to be displayed on the map, but you have to tap the button to turn the layer off manually. Gray text with a black background indicates that the button is inactive, and the layer cannot be turned back ON. The button will assume this state automatically when map zoom is outside the zoom level for a map element to be displayed on the map.


Layer filter button will give you the ability to turn on/off SUA (Special Use Airspace) and CTL Area (Control Areas) whilst filtering the aerodrome RWY length also

Interaction 1 Click the Layer Filter button.

Let's have a look at filtering the RWY length, so we can only see aerodromes that have a minimum RWY distance.

Interaction 1 Click ALL RWYs.

 You can change the RWY length to either meters or feet using the following.  

Select your minimum runway length that you wish to filter. Using either the scroll on your mouse or the arrows located in the top right hand corner you can search for a minimum runway length.

Once you are happy with your minimum runway length click activate. This will filter out the aerodromes that do not match this criteria and hide them from the enroute map, except FROM, TO and ALTN.

Interaction 1 Click the Activate button.

Some of the aerodromes have now been hidden based on your required runway length. Let's now select All Rwys from the list.

Interaction 1 Click 2100m.

You can see that you have selected All Rwys, you can now activate the selection and all the aerodromes will be visible back on the enroute map. 

Interaction 1 Click the Activate button.

 Clicking the Reset button will select ALL RWYs and turn on all SUAs and CTL Areas.


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