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Airways display on the enroute map


Airways display on the enroute map 

This will show you how the airway is displayed in high and low zoom settings. 

We estimate that this will take 3 minutes to complete.

Detailed Explanation 

Airways High and Low

Airways are displayed on the map differently based on high and low settings, zoom levels, the number of airways at a location and their direction. We will have a look how these can be presented and how you can turn high and low features airways on/off.

Let's start by looking at some airways. Currently the map is zoomed out where the airways features are not present. We can see the zoom level that we are currently viewing in, 333NM. Let's change the scale.

Selecting the scale button will zoom you out to 3000NM. You can use the scroll on your mouse to zoom or if you're using a tablet, pinch to zoom.

Interaction 1 Click the Scale button.

    You can zoom in and out using your mouse wheel as well. If you have the ability and you have a touch screen then you can use the pinch to zoom as well. In this example we will use the scale button on the ribbon tile toolbar.


 You can see from the image that you can select different scales pre determined within the application. Whilst you can select the different scales you can also use the pinch to zoom.

 With the iOS app, you will be able to see route elements at a much higher scale levels compared to Windows version which is limited above 2000NM

At certain zoom levels the airways will be visible. You can now see the airways are visible at this particular zoom level. Airways will be shown as lines at this zoom level.

Zooming in will show you that the airways have now got names within them only. Let's get some more information by zooming in further.

 You can see that some of the airways are presenting you with more information the closer you zoom in.

Interaction 1 Click the AIRSPACE cell.


    High airways are shown in white in night mode and are shown in black in day mode. Low airways are teal both in day and night mode.  

Zooming in will present you with more details of the airway. You will be able to clearly see the airway name, distance, course and RNP values (if defined) along with the minimum enroute altitudes. 

Selecting an airway will give you access to more information regarding that airway. Select the following airway to see more information.

Interaction 1 Double Tap/Right-click the Airway UN57 image.

Selecting the airway will bring up a list of features to choose from. Let's look at the AWY feature. See access map data for more information.

Interaction 1 Click the AWY list item.

You can now see some more detailed information on the airway that you selected. The entire length of the airway will also be highlighted to make it more obvious. 

Interaction 1 Click Exit.

Multiple airways

There can be up to 12 airways displayed in one location. In these instances, it is not possible to show all of the information on the map and airways are either represented as a list of airway names or as a number. The image below shows 11 airways on the map. In the first image 11 names are shown and in the next the group of airways is represented by the number 11. 


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