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Content details


Content details 

This topic will show you where you can view your downloaded content loaded into the application. 

We estimate that this will take 2 minutes to complete.

Detailed Explanation 


The Content Details tab allows you to view the list of Charts, Map, Document and configuration revisions loaded into the application.
Tapping on the Application Status icon box on the Enroute screen to open the dialog and select the Content Details  tab.

To view your content details, start by going to the application status icon to view your downloaded content details.

Interaction 1 Click the Application status icon image.

Interaction 1 Click the Content Details tab.

Currently, there are only two downloaded contents on this application, let's access one of them to view their content. 

Clicking on the arrow beside the description will expand the contents for further detail..

Interaction 1 Click the image.

The list has now been expanded, and you can clearly see the dates and times of the download along with the contents that were downloaded. You can look into each one for even more detail. Click on the Company Docs to see what was downloaded.

Interaction 1 Click the image.

You can see that the User Guide Charts 17-4 has been downloaded and will be available in the Document workspace. We will show you in a later topic how to view these documents. 


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