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Charts+ Settings


Charts+ Settings 

This will teach you how to view and change the settings within the application. It will go through each setting and what each one will mean for your application. 

We estimate that this will take 3 minutes to complete.

Detailed Explanation 

Charts+ Settings 

The Charts+ settings are available from the Menu button from any screen within the application. The settings are split into two sections.

  • The User Subscription Information.
  • Application settings.

In this topic we will cover the applications settings only. You will be able to find the user subscription information in the Installation learning module.

 The application setting will allow you to change the way the application works. It will enable you to show and hide certain different types of settings by turning them on and off. 

The settings menu with the two sections User/subscription info and App Settings. Let's go and look at the App Settings in more detail.

Interaction 1 Click the Menu button.

    Settings are only accessed through the Menu button on the enroute screen. It cannot be accessed when looking in any other area, like aerodrome charts.

To access the Settings start by going to the Menu.

Interaction 1 Click the Settings button.

The settings table is split into two sections. We will only talk about the "App Settings" in this topic.
 The setting list is split into categories labelled:

  • General
  • Route
  • Terminal
  • Enroute
  • Documents.

Each one of these have sub categories within them that you can turn on and off using the slider.



Let's have a look at each of the settings in more detail. Currently you are viewing the bottom half of the list, to view the top half you will need to either use your mouse scroll wheel or alternatively you can click and hold your left mouse button and move the mouse up or down to scroll.

General Settings

Disable Device Sleep - prevents your device from entering sleep mode when
NAVBLUE Charts+ application is on screen. This will override general device settings.

Display Device Status Bar - display or not the device status bar.

Default to Night Mode - NAVBLUE Charts+ is automatically set to night mode.

Enable SHARE Charts (Windows only) - selecting the “Share” button in the Charts Screen toolbar will send all selected charts of the current chart screen shown in the sending device to the receiving devices, including the zoom and panning state of the selected charts.

Show Print Button (Windows only) - this will disable/enable the print button on charts or documents so you have the ability to print pages to a chosen printer.

Disable Download Over Mobile Provider - prevents package downloads over a mobile network. If this setting is turned off, you can download packages over a mobile network if Wi-Fi connections are unavailable. If you enable this setting you can download packages from Wi-Fi connections only. You will still see notifications if a new package is available regardless of the type of connection. See the installation instructions for information on new revision notifications. Package download is always available through a Wi-Fi connection and cannot be disabled.

Enable Log Window Overlay - this allows for a log window to be displayed for QA testing and support purposes only.

Route and Terminal Settings 


Reduced Enroute data layer if route is active - once enabled this will reduce the number of layers present once a route has been activated. You will still be able to display your layers by selecting which layer you wish to see by using the layer toolbar.

Show Reverse TO and FROM Aerodromes - show/hide the Reverse FROM/TO button.

This button will reverse the TO (arrival) and FROM (departure) charts on the route
toolbar. The TO aerodrome moves to FROM and the FROM moves to TO. The
button is inactive until you have entered an aerodrome in both locations.

Enable SAVE Route – this will enable the option to save and/or load a user defined
route. This setting is controlled directly by your system administrator.

Remove All Saved Routes - This “blue-text button” will only appear if “Enable SAVE
Route = ON”. Tapping on the text will delete all saved routes.


Operational Use (Charts) - turn off/on Not for Operational Use watermark on all

Disable Swipe Gesture For All Charts Except ARPT Charts - if the following setting is ON, swipe is impossible in all terminal charts excluding aerodrome charts and on all charts in Charts+ AD Charts in the document viewer.

Filter Charts Based on RWY - This will allow you to only select and view the charts that are related
 to the chosen RWY on either the TO or FROM aerodrome.

Enroute and Document Settings


 Operational Use (Enroute) - 
turn off/on Not for Operational Use watermark on the
Enroute map.

Show Aircraft symbol - turning on will display when NORTH UP or TRK UP mode is selected and the
symbol will turn depending on the true track value.

Limited Map Refresh Rate - turn off/on a battery saving feature that will limit the frequency at which ownership position is refreshed on the map.

Position Feed HIGH/LOW Accuracy Threshold - parameter to set the threshold below which accuracy is declared LOW: 50m, 100m, 500m, 1000m. The ownship symbol is displayed only if HIGH Accuracy is available.
On Windows this parameter is set in the eCharts.Settings.ini file.

Disable Device Calibration - turn off/on device calibration when on the Enroute map.

Show Mag. Var. Isogones - turn off/on Magnetic Variation Isogons displayed on the Enroute map.

Show Lat/Long Grid - turn off/on Latitude and Longitude grid displayed on the Enroute map.

Show Political Borders - turn off/on Political Borders on the Enroute map.

Estimate Course When Unavailable - this will estimate the course of the aircraft when the course value is unavailable from the location feed. Estimate course values may be inaccurate.

Position Signal Loss Timeout Interval  – this will automatically disable the Enroute map NORTH UP or TRK UP mode when the position feed has been lost for either 3, 5, 10 or 30 seconds.

Enroute and Document Settings

Enable NAV INFO  - enabling this function will pop up important navigation information based on a defined radius (see NAV INFO Trigger Radius) from your current position.

NAV INFO Trigger Radius - this setting allows you to define the radius from your current position when an important navigational information pop-up should be displayed (top right corner of Enroute map). For instance, when you select 20NM, a pop up will be displayed if you enter a 20NM-radius circle around any FIR or WPT containing Nav Info.

Enable ERA Circles - turning this setting on will allow you to draw one or two circles at either a defined distance or defined speed and time around your ERA. Those default values will be used to fill any new ERA added to your ALTN list. They are not updating any ERA Circles values that are already present in your ALTN list. ERA Circles values are not saved when saving a route. When loading a route, current default values are used to fill ERA Circles values in ALTN list. Upon Entry Method change, default values are remembered on Windows, but not on iOS.


 Highlights to links within documents
- this setting highlights embedded hyperlinks to other sections of the same document in customer documents which will allow the user to interact with.

 Remove all Bookmarks
  – selecting this will remove all previously set bookmarks for documents from the document viewer.

    Using EFBUserConfiguration file (available on NCIM and sent to each client through packages), EFB Administrators can force and lock a value for each setting line. In such case, a cyan lock is displayed next to the setting line .


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