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Consulting Terminal Charts Pt1 - v17.4

This video will talk about how:

  • The Terminal chart screen can be accessed by the route screen when you have already defined a route
  • The aerodrome can be selected by tapping on any of the routes
  • Navigation Toolbar
  • Selecting other Aerodromes within your route selections
  • Zooming in and out can be done by the standard pinch to zoom.
  • Pan the chart by touching and holding your finger down
  • Status bar at the top of the chart will continue to show the relevant aerodrome information
  • With Effective Date (WEF) will be shown if current in the status bar, and the chart will only be shown when it becomes effective
  • The flagging of Temporary charts will be shown in the status bar and tile buttons
  • Three predefined categories that cant be changed depending whether you are on Departure Arrival or Alternate
  • To assign your predefined category, press once on the tile bar and select your chart from the list
  • Swipe to view your next chart
  • SID and STAR charts are grouped alphabetically
  • Grey tile indicates what chart is being displayed on the screen 

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